Workout needs proper equipment so your body can have even growth. This includes top-notch hexagon dumbbells for different exercises. If you are a gym goer, you would already know a lot about them. This is for those who are willing to start from the first level or want to do a business of workout tools. For both purposes, you will have to find a hexagon dumbbell exporter who can supply the most durable dumbbells. To get into deep information regarding their benefits and types below is all you can read. 

Benefits of Hexagon Dumbbells 

There is quite a fine number of workouts, which you can do with hexagon dumbbells. Here, we will discuss some of their benefits in secondary ways. Likewise, how you can keep them and the benefits of their design. Due to their hexagonal shape, they have a huge impact on users.

Safe to Leave Anywhere Without Rolling 

Many people do not keep regular dumbbells on shelves and near sloppy areas because of their circular shape. Why is that so? Since round dumbbells can roll easily with just a little force, you can not keep them at any random spot. Either they can cause injury if they roll and fall from a shelf or they can make anyone trip if they are on a floor. But this is not the issue with hex dumbbells. You can leave them anywhere without being worried about rolling. They have a firm position on a flat surface and can resist rolling much easier.

Firm Position for Ground Exercises

In ground-based exercises where you need to hold dumbbells and push yourself against the ground, you can’t use round dumbbells. This is the main benefit of hex dumbbells. They can provide you stability and you can do exercises like dumbbell push-ups and renegade row without any problem. There are more exercises like these in which you have to use dumbbells against the ground. 

Less Noise

Having noise because of collisions between metals can cause annoyance for others at home. If you do workout at home, you need to use equipment, which makes less noise. That is why a rubber-coated hex dumbbell will be perfect for it. You will neither get noise when placing them with other equipment nor will you have any rust on them. You can silently do a workout and no one will be bothered by it. 

Safe for Floor 

Whether you are doing a workout at the gym or at home, floor protection is a necessary part of it. Though there is a carpet or protective sheet on the floor, still, there is a risk of damage to it. What if you drop a dumbbell on the floor because of any reason? There will be damage to the floor as well as to the dumbbells. If you use rubber-coated hexagon dumbbells, they will provide slight cushioning with the help of a rubber layer. That is how you can do the workout without giving any damage to tiles on the floor.

Types of Hexagon Dumbbells

If we look at some types of hex dumbbells, we will find mostly three types. All three have different materials and costs according to their manufacturing methods. If you look deep in it, you will find some major differences, which have an impact on buyers.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber-coated dumbbells with chrome handles are the type you will often see. Although they are slightly expensive, they are way more durable than other types. They can last for many years depending on how you keep them. They are also safe to use and have no chance of rust unless you store them in a moist place. But chromium handles and rubber-coated weights provide aesthetics to users.  Also, they are the reason for their high durability. 

Fully Chrome Hex Dumbbells

These dumbbells are chromium-plated without any rubber coating on the weights. They are made up of steel with chromium coating for resistance against corrosion. However, they are cheaper than rubber dumbbells. Since they do not have any rubber coating, they will make noise when they collide with any hard surface like steel or iron. They have been in the gyms for many years as they provide a better experience than the third type. 

Cast-Iron-Hex Dumbbells

If someone can’t afford the above two types, that person uses cast-iron hex dumbbells. They are the cheapest and provide enough benefits with a few limitations. They can rust in a few years or in a few months if you don’t prevent moisture on them. Since they don’t have any protective coating against corrosion, you have to apply it separately. Either you can coat them with paint or anti-rust chemical spray.

Final Word 

If we look at them in a holistic form, hex dumbbells are really useful for various types of workouts. If you are willing to buy them online, make sure you buy from a reliable hexagon dumbbell exporter.